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Common questions

The Night Shift is not ready to ship yet. Right now, it is available for pre-order as inventory is currently being manufactured.

The estimated shipping for new orders is March. Older orders may ship in February.

Inventory is already on the way to us, but due to port congestion, we must wait an extra month just to have our cargo unloaded.

You can find the latest updates on production on our Kickstarter Updates page.

Yes, all our kits can fit on most modular helmets.

CLICK HERE to watch how you can install our kits on a modular helmet.

Every country/state/province has its own legislation when it comes to motor vehicles, but in the past 7 years, we can say we've never encountered a single problem with law enforcement. This viral video summarizes our experience with legality.

The state of California, for example, does not consider the vehicle operator as part of the vehicle, so the laws that govern the lighting of a motor vehicle do not apply, and therefore this is legal there.

In BC, Canada (where we are from), there is no law against attaching lights to your helmet, so it is also legal there.

Phone your local police department if you would like peace of mind before ordering. We are not responsible for any encounters you may come across with your local authorities.

Yes, our LightMode kits are water resistant. They are designed to handle light to moderate rain.

Heavy rainfall may cause water to seep around the connectors. If that happens, your light strips may not light up properly until the controller dries. Do not worry though, the circuit board is coated in a hydrophobic layer to prevent water damage. The circuit is also smart, and will automatically shut off in case of a short.

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